Server Virtualisation

Virtualisation allows one server to the job of multiple server.  This means that one on piece of hardware you are able to do things that would have taken separate server boxed to do.

An example of this is, you would be able run and AD, File Server, etc and and Email Server of of one server box, instead of requiring to pieces of separate hardware.

Most small to medium size businesses are missing out in not even considering this solution.  The advantages is reduced CapEx and OpEx is quite considerable.  So, if you need more information, please talk to us.

Time to Virtualise, WOT?

By consolidating your hardware resources you are able to not only reduce your hardware capital costs. The available computing power, storage space and network bandwidth can be used much more effectively.
Servers no longer need to be idle or performing below their capabilities because there are fewer connected users, or because the hosted application happens to be less demanding than the server can handle.
Not being tied down to particular hardware allows you to easily and quickly move a virtual machine (or a copy of the machine) to another physical host or hosting location.
This is a huge bonus for maintenance, load balancing or disaster recovery.
Hypervisor solutions allow management of all physical hosts through a central console where you can easily compare resource usage and see a history of tasks and events.
You can easily make comparisons between physical and virtual servers and perform in-depth analysis and troubleshooting.

Server Hardware Brands

Server Brands

Cyenet deals in the installation, upgrade and  maintenance of all majore brands of server manufacturers, Fujitsu (Partner), HP, Dell, IBM and we are not afraid to deal with more bespoke configuration.


Server virtualisation is the partitioning of a physical server into smaller virtual servers to help maximize your server resources.  Watch the video and enjoy.


Fujitsu Partner

At Cyenet we believe in providing our customers with the best hardware solutions.  This is why we like and do recommend the Fujitsu Server range.  Why?  Well, to put it simply they provide excellent hardware solutions at super prices, excellent support, for small to enterprise business.

Fujitsu Tower Servers
Fujitsu Rack Servers
Fujitsu Blade Servers


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