CyeCloud Cloud Solutions

CyeCloud solutions are comprehensive suite of tools for business that need efficient, secure and cost effective solutions that integrate and add value to their current or any new I.T. infrastructure.

Why Choose Us

  • UK based hosting
  • Secure hosted solutions
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Enterprise level Solutions
  • It just works

CyeCloud Mail Secure

The war against spammers is not a simple one. It requires spam fighters to be dynamic, sophisticated and creative. CyeCloud Mail-Secure Solution protects organizations from 50 to 25,000 from both targeted and non-targeted email-related threats.

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CyeCloud Hosted Exchange Secure Email

Advanced Email Solution, that allows smallmedium sized companies take advantage of Email Management to a whole new level.

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CyeCloud Secure Online Backup

Cyecloud Advanced Backup Solutions for businesses who value their data.  We offer on-premises, online, or hybrid backup solutions based on each customer requirements.

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