Server Installations

At Cyenet we take ‘Techonology Agnostic’ approach, this means that we choose the right solution whether hardware or Software, that meets your requirements.

Although, we have strong affiliations with Fujitsu, we can also cater for HP, Dell, IBM, or any bespoke legacy server.

Even though we take a more ‘Technostic’ approach, does not mean we do not have the right skills, to meet any challenges on your businees hardware or software needs, even future requirements.

We pride ourselves on always finding a solution, there is always a solutions.

Server Installation Services?

When implementing a server solution, whether it be a new install, upgrade or migration. It is imperative, that we understand your business needs.

That is why we carry out a full and thorough consultancy process. In this process we aim to understand your requirements and when needed put in valuable input based on our experience.

After the consultancy, we then look at the ‘Infrastructure Design’, as no two industries or businesses are alike. Most infrastructure designs tend to have a modicum of bespoke design, this is normally dependent on in-house business processes.

The title is quite self explanatory, we are experienced in carrying out;-

A new OS install, not matter who the hardware vendor is.

When your OS has reached end of life or your new software solutions requires a newer iteration of the OS, we have the experience to carry out a full upgrade.

Your hardware is old, or you have purchased new hardware and need to migrate to the new server, than we are your people, Cyenet can do this.

The most in important thing in such matter is planning, planning and more planning. Nothing is left to chance. Cyenet believes in having a plan, a plan to the plan, we could go on.

Your hardware is old, you have purchased new hardware and need to migrate to the new server.

This process can be fraught with difficulties, making sure your server meets your new requirements. Ensuring that all relevant setting and configurations are implemented correctly and all relevant data is moved across.

So rest assured, look no further, we are your people, Cyenet can do this.

Once all the of the above is done, we at Cyenet have the tools and people to manage your server solutions, may it be new or a current one.

As, such solutions have become the norm, having your servers being offline can be a major business bummer. Whether the server is a basic LDAP, file, print server, or it is a virtualised configuration, it is most important that you catch problems before they happen.

That is why having your servers managed by those who know what they are doing is often a massive overlooked part of the service and in the long term can be an expensive proposition in terms of productivity lost and cost of fixing it. ‘Closing The Barn Door, As the Horse Has Bolted’, comes to mind.

Server Hardware Brands

Server Brands

Cyenet deals in the installation, upgrade and  maintenance of all majore brands of server manufacturers, Fujitsu (Partner), HP, Dell, IBM and we are not afraid to deal with more bespoke configuration.

Server Software

Server OS & Software

we mainly deal with Microsoft server based operating systems and software. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced technician in installing, implementing, migrating and upgrading Microsoft centric solutions.

Other Types Software

More Options

At Cyenet we are also able to deal with other solutions, based on Linux, Vmware and Kerio Connect Email Server. Even if you do not see a solution mentioned, does not mean we cannot do it, again the team is ready willing and able.

We have the resources, you need to succeed.

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