Server Management

We  at Cyenet offer a ‘Server Management’ service.  What this means is that whether we install/configure the server or it is the management of an existing server.  We have a highly skilled team who can look at and make recommendation where required on how best to make sure that your server(s) are running at their optimal level, no matter what the hardware, operating system or software.

Why Are We The Best?

We at Cyenet when we install servers ensure that they are configured and optimised.  We also offer this service to businesses who have an existing server(s) that might not.

Why not get our highly skilled, trained and experienced team, to survey your server, prepare a report and if requred optimise your server(s).  Server Operating Systems on the whole are pretty stable and robust, but over time they to need a bit of TLC.

We ensure that your Server hardware is used to it’s optimal level, by making sure that your Server operating system, is tweaked, configured and up-to-date.

Security, is one of the most important requirement for any business. Most security breaches on servers occure, because they are not patched properly, or security policies for those using the infrastructure have either not configured correctly, or over time have become too relaxed, thereby putting the busiess at risk, of hackes and data breaches.

We setup and maintain a strict server security protocol, developed by us over many years, endevouring to keep your servers and your infrastructure secure.

Another overlooked aspect of data and server environments, not having a robust and managed backup solution.  We at Cyenet offer to advise, implement, monitor and maintain your backup solution.

So keep in mind if you loose your data, your people cannot work.  Backup UP, or Get Backed Down!

Microsoft Exchange 2016

Looking for an onsite email solution, than look no further than the industry leading Microsoft Exchange Server 2016.

Kerio Connect

For those who do not want to be locked into the Microsoft solutions.  We offer Kerio Connect, in keeping with our ‘Technostig’ philosophy.

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