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Onsite Email Server than you have come to the right place, at Cyenet we have the skills and experience necessary to setup and configure a secure and affordable email server solutions.  We are well versed in Microsoft Exchange, Kerio and Linux based email server solutions.  We take great pride in bringing solutions and  options  that meet your needs and costs.

At Cyenet we take ‘Techonology Agnostic’ approach, this means that we choose the right solution whether hardware or Software, that meets your requirements.  From experience we know that following a ‘Once Size Fits All’ model does not work.

As no two businesses are alike and  depending on budgets, internal software/hardware, one solution that might work for one company might not meet the needs of the business of another.

Why Are We The Best?

If you own the mail server, you control it. You can set and more easily enforce usage policies, you can automatically add legalese to every outgoing message, you can automatically store every incoming message or scan them for trigger words and so on. You are in control.

Basically, it’s like using a TrainBus or driving yoiur own car.   We, all know that most of us prefer using our own transport, even if you are a cyclist.

Whenever mail is stored somewhere else, you have at least the possibility that someone else can look at it or copy it. That may not be important to you, but if it is, you definitely want your own server.
Not only is the mail delivered quickly throughout the company, but any mail coming in is received immediately.  When a company doesn’t have its own mail server, internal and incoming messages all have to be routed to the distant server before they are delivered.

Depending on how slow the server is to connect, the messages may not be received for quite some time.

A business with its own mail server eliminates the lag time between sending and receiving messages.

All, modern email servers have the ability to offer internal hosted webmail.  Which basically means that you can access your  email, anytime and anywherre using a a web browser.

Microsoft Exchange

Looking for an onsite email solution, than look no further than the industry leading Microsoft Exchange Server 2016.

Kerio Connect

For those who do not want to be locked into the Microsoft solutions.  We offer Kerio Connect, in keeping with our ‘Technostig’ philosophy.


CyeCloud Mail Secure

Mail Secure seamlessly integrates with existing email servers, like Office 365, to provide necessary protection from malicious and inadvertent email-borne threats.

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