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CyeCloud Mail Secure real time spam filtering

Every business needs an intelligent, real-time solution to repel malware and other advanced threats on your network.  Mail Secure seamlessly integrates with existing email servers, like Office 365, to provide necessary protection from malicious and inadvertent email-borne threats.

Whether installed on local hardware or a virtual platform,  Mail Secure neutralizes advanced threats with a multi-layer anti-spam and anti-virus system, enforced user defined policy controls, automated virus updates and add-on a-la-carte solution modules.

CyeCloud Mail-Secure in the Cloud provides SMBs and Enterprises with impenetrable perimeter network security. Without any investment in onsite equipment, Mail-Secure Email Security Solution protects a business’s complete email system against all Spam, Malware and Virus attacks.

Why We Are The Best?

The war against spammers is not a simple one. It requires spam fighters to be dynamic, sophisticated and creative. Mail-Secure as a Managed Service protects email users from both targeted and non-targeted email-related threats without the expenses related to costly infrastructure investments.

CyeCloud Mail-Secure as a Managed Service is highly automated, requires minimal administration and fully integrates with all e-mail solutions.

Mail-Secure provides complete protection from all known viruses, new age virus outbreaks (Zero-Hour detection), worms and Trojan-horses by using a multi-layered anti-virus system (F-Secure, Kaspersky, Clam AV).

All anti-virus engines have internally updated databases, which are updated frequently by external dynamic databases.

Mail-Secure is equipped with an advanced, multi-layered anti-spam module, which stops most threats (up to 90%) at the perimeter level (prior to the organisation’s network).

Resulting in major savings in bandwidth and system resources, along with a better detection rate (less data is read by the system) and a reduced false positive ratio. Post perimeter protection includes in-depth analysis by different anti-spam content inspection engines.

Mail-Secure provides a set of highly sophisticated but flexible management tools, which allow system administrators, postmasters and end-users to design smart and efficient policy enforcement measures and have complete control over auditing and management – including user-level Daily Reports and Black and White Lists.
Mail-Secure offers a powerful, comprehensive, centrally managed email encryption service to ensure that confidential emails remain confidential. As easy to use as regular email, it allows users to seamlessly encrypt messages, according to the organisation’s security policy.

It will automatically route all encryption-triggered messages in a secured route (SSL) to CyeCloud  dedicated SES (Secure Encryption Service) centre in order for them to be signed, encrypted and delivered to the original sender in a PDF of HTML format

Key Points

  • Spam & virus blockage success ratio of 99.8%.
  • Strong perimeter security blocks up to 90% of all malicious content prior to secondary inspections.
  • Daily traffic reports allows individual users to manage their own white & black lists.
  • Policy rules per user per domain.
  • Multi layer spam & virus protection.
  • Seamless integration with all server types & includes internal load balancing.
  • Legal hold provides a short-term clean email backup solution.
  • High level management & array support.
  • Integrated load balancing.
  • Works on any mail system.

CyeCloud Mail Secure

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Spam & virus blockage success ratio

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