Tailored IT Solutions

We at Cyenet help you meet your IT needs, with industry tailored solutions

Meeting Your Needs

That is why we look at all business, with a fresh perspective. This means we work with you to get you the right IT Infrastructure and Support

Core Business

Use us so that you can focus on your core day to day business needs

Help You Focus

At Cyenet Solutions, we understand that our function is to facilitate you. So that your staff are able to carry out their core business duties


Giving you access to solutions & services to improve your business.

Tap into Cyenet

At Cyenet we deal with many industries, and we bring this vast knowledge resource to the table. As we say don’t fret just Cyenet

Total Spectrum Infrastructure Management

Why Managed Services and Outsourcing

As IT hardware and software technologies improve, bringing greater efficiency and productivity gains. Most small to medium size companies, existing or new start-ups, lack the Information Technology expertise inhouse. That is where Cyenet Solutions come with are the perfect partner who can offer you Managed Services and Outsourcing solutions.

Top 5 Reasons Why?

  • Focus on your CORE Business.
  • Enterprise level support.
  • It is what we do, let us save you money.
  • Tap into Cyenet Expertise and Knowledge base.
  • Peace of Mind.

If your IT staff member wants to take a vacation, is he or she going to be bothered on vacation because a printer isn’t working?

Outsourcing with Cyenet eliminates this worry because there are multiple points of contact.

If your IT administrator decides to leave the company, many times valuable knowledge about the network and IT infrastructure can be lost.

Do you have assurance that your network will be secure and you can function efficiently with a temporary absence?

Outsourcing with Cyenet also eliminates this concern because we insure as single point of contact and  always there team.

Cyenet offers tailored support solutions for companies looking for multi-faceted support options. We adjust to your company’s needs, which allows you to focus on your business while we address Tier 1 & Tier 2 issues within your company.

Additionally, our advanced ticketing and documentation systems give insight into recurring issues, response times and more.

As & When Service

The ‘As & When Service’, is for those who do not want a full ‘Services Level Agreement’ (SLA).  This allows you to use as when you need us.

Go & On Service

The ‘Go & On Serice’, is ideal for those who wish to outsource, or do not have the resources for their own I.T. Department.  With this service, you will be able to tap into the vast resources that Cyenet have in terms of knowledge, skill set and experience.


CyeCloud Services

CyeCloud Secure Online Backup

CyeCloud UK Cloud Backup

Cyecloud Advanced Backup Solutions for businesses who value their data. We offer on-premises, online, or hybrid backup solutions based on each customer requirements.

CyeCloud Exchange Secure Email

CyeCloud Exchange Cloud Email

Advanced Email Solution, that allows smallmedium sized companies take advantage of Email Management to a whole new level.

CyeCloud Mail Secure

CyeCloud Mail Secure Spam Filter

The war against spammers is not a simple one. It requires spam fighters to be dynamic, sophisticated and creative.  CyeCloud Mail-Secure Solution protects organizations from 50 to 25,000 from both targeted and non-targeted email-related threats.

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